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Le Girandole nursery school for the motor sense

 The educational activities of Arialgymnasium accompany the didactic-educational activity to the motor component.

The extension of sporting activity to educational activities was born with the following objectives:

• support the motor sense nature of the child from 0 to 3 years. The child up to 3 years experiences mainly through the Motor Sense channel, therefore through the senses and motor skills. By increasing the possibilities of “motor experience” in each child’s daily life, we indulge their nature and regain what the hectic habits and lifestyles of today’s society have brought: the loss of the time necessary to devote to physical living, in space, in the time and autonomy of the child.

• Early motor / sport promotion: seen as a fundamental activity of daily life, motor / sport activity practiced every day is promoted from the earliest years of life to both children and new parents.

• Continuity in sports practice: motor, sensory-motor and sports activities accompany the growth path along a journey through time that goes from the nursery to afternoon sports practice in the gym, from 0 to 6 years old.

• The sensitization of motor and sport activity as a healthy lifestyle and the consequent promotion of a good state of health.


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